International Advisory Board

Prof. Abdeladim Moumen
Head of R&D projects at Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Research
RABAT, Morocco.

Specialty: Molecular Virology and Biochemistry

Professor Abdeladim Moumen is the head of R&D projects in the Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Research (MAScIR). He is leading R&D groups developing innovative molecular diagnostic medical kits using Molecular biology based techniques. He was behind the development and the validation of the first Moroccan molecular diagnostic kits aiming at the detection and quantification of the molecular markers of several cancer and viral diseases such as leukaemia, breast cancer, prostate cancers and hepatitis C and B infections. In addition to the molecular kits, Pr Moumen is also heading other biotechnology projects related to enzymes and vaccines production using molecular biology.

Before joining MAScIR, Pr Moumen was a research laboratory Director and an Associate Professor of Molecular and cellular Biology at the University of London. He has obtained his PhD at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in 2002. Pr Moumen has more than 13 years experience in performing, managing and directing research within several internationally recognised institutions (Pasteur Institute, Welcome trust-Gurdon institute, Cambridge University, and London University) and in diverse branches of medical biology such as Genetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Virology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology. His research competencies are highlighted by the high quality of scientific articles that he has published in highly recognised scienctific journals with high impact factors such as Cell, and Cancer Cell journals and the many research grants that he has obtained from several prestigious organism such as MRC, AICR and Wellcome trust. Furthermore, his experience in the above cited fields has been recognised worldwide as he has been invited to give seminars in many congress and within several key research institutions and to act as a reviewer for many scientific manuscripts as well as grant applications from prestigious journals (Cell, Nature, Molecular Cell..) and research funding organisms (Wellcome trust, MRC….) and as an editorial board member in many scientific journals. In 2009, the quality of his research has been recognised by the Moroccan government as he was awarded the Grand Prix for invention and research in science and technology. Recently he was awarded the first prize in the uncharted category of the African entrepreneurship award organised by the BMCE bank of Africa awarded to the best innovative project in Africa