The Medical University of Karakalpakstan in Nukus, Uzbekistan, as host, in collaboration with the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, and the Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University from Russia, in May 2020 organized an online seminar with the title “COVID-19 – sharing experiences of Medical Universities”. Indeed the pandemic has hit many countries throughout the world with unexpected force and healthcare systems often were not prepared. That experience clearly showed the need for international cooperation and coordination. It was a sad observation that instead often mistrust and national egoism prevailed.

Original Research

COVID-19 – sharing experiences of Medical Universities

Oral A Ataniyazova, Hanns Moshammer, Saeed Yari, Dmitry Ivanov, Alireza Mosavi Jarrahi (Author)

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COVID-19: the Austrian experience

Florian Heger, Hanns Moshammer (Author)

3-4 |

Coronavirus Infection in Children

Bannova Svetlana Leonidovna, Puzyrev Viktor Gennadievich (Author)

5-8 |

Covid-19: Effect on Hemostasis

Zabolotsky Dmitrii V, Koryachkin Viktor A, Puzyrev Viktor.G (Author)

9-11 |

Covid - 19: Morbidity Structure and Control Measures in Russia

Lapina Elizaveta Yurievna, Puzyrev Viktor Gennadievich (Author)

13-15 |

Organization of Assistance and Training of Healthcare Personnel in Medical Facilities Responding to COVID-19

Gulnora Akmalovna Yusupalieva, Uktam Safayevich Ismailov (Author)

17-19 |

COVID-19: High Risk Groups for COVID-19 and Challenges for Medical Universities

Oral A Ataniyazova (Author)

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