Original Research

Procalcitonin Testingreduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Use in Bacterial Infection

Attabak Toofani Milani, Mahshid Mohammadian, Sadegh Rostaminasab, Roghayeh Paribananaem, Zohre Ahmadi, Azim Akbarzadeh Khiyavi (Author)

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Quality of Life in Iranian Breast Cancer Survivors and Affecting Factors: A Review Article

Mohammad-Reza Zaker, Afshin Hazrati-Marangaloo, Seyede-Roghayeh Hosseini (Author)

5-9 |

The relationship between safety management and patient safety culture in Cancer Treatment Centers

Ali Maher, Mohammad Monfared, Mehrnoosh Jafari (Author)

11-16 |

Simulation the Probability of Liberalizing Chlorin Gas from Urban Water Chlorination System in Alborz: With the Cancer Approach

Reza Moradi, Ahmad Nikpey, Hamzeh Saeidabadi, Saeed Yari (Author)

17-22 |

Prevalence of sleep problems and its relation to sleeping habits in toddlers

Sima Maree, Esa Mohammadi Zidi (Author); Saeed Yari; Maryam Javadi (Author)

29-34 |

Biological effects of electromagnetic waves with emphasis on radio and microwave: An environmental carcinogen

Saeed Yari, Ayda Fallah Asadi, Alireza Mosavi Jarrahi, Mohammad Nourmohammadi (Author)

35-41 |

Assessment and evaluation of occupational stress among safety authorities: By possibility of cancer

Tayyebeh Jaddi Madarsara (Author); Saeed Yari; Hamzeh Saeidabadi (Author)

43-47 |

Evaluation of Toluene Vapors on the Hearing System of a Production Company Employee: A carcinogenic agent

Ahmad Nikpay, Reza Moradi, Salman Sheikhi, Seyedeh Zahra Mousavi Jarrahi, Tayyebeh Jaddi Madarsara, hamzeh Saeidabadi (Author)

49-53 |

Assessing respiratory exposure to harmful evaporations in a manufacturing company

Tayyebeh Jaddi Madarsara, Navid Ahmadian Kudakan, Saeed Yari, Hamzeh Saeidabadi (Author)

55-58 |

Presenting approaches to stress management in the elderly in Qazvin

Hamzeh Saeidabadi, Saeed Yari, Tayyebeh Jaddi Madarsara, Navid Ahmadian Kudakan (Author)

59-61 |

Health and Safety Risk Assessment Using a Combined FMEA and JSA Method in a Manufacturing Company

Tayyebeh Jaddi Madarsara, Saeed Yari, Hamzeh Saeidabadi (Author)

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