Original Research

Covid-19 Influence on Mixed Urban Cluster Air Quality: A Case Study from INDIA

Sneha Mahalingam, Ramsundram Narayanan (Author)

3-14 |

Evaluation of the Relation between Noise and Vibration Exposure with Job Burnout in City Bus Drivers

Somayeh Rahimimoghadam, Safoora Javan, Mohammad Nourmohammadi, Sara Bayat, Zahra Harati, Saeed Yari, Atefeh Kheyrkhah (Author)

15-20 |

Assessing Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) Contamination in Indoor Dust among University Students in Ilorin, Nigeria

Chiemeka Henry Ezechinyere, Mobisayo Fiyinfoluwa Alo (Author)

21-27 |

Unveiling Cancer Burden: An Epidemiological Study in a Tertiary Cancer Center, Thailand

Voralak Vichapat, Arunrat Hinon, Jittichai Boonaob, Pintumas Ukritanon, Banyong Meeniran, Somsiri Pansaksiri (Author)

39-48 |

Evaluation of Exposure to Noise and Vibration and Its Effect on Work-related Fatigue

Somayeh Rahimimoghadam, Safoora Javan, Saeed Yari, Atefeh Kheyrkhah, Mohammad Nourmohamadi (Author)

163-168 |

Review and Meta-analysis

Job Exposure Matrix: Occupational Exposure Assessment to Carcinogenic Compounds

Zahra Moradpour, Seyed Alireza Mosavi Jarrahi (Author)

49-51 |

Removal of PFAS by Biological Methods

Bahareh Karimi Douna, Hossein Yousefi (Author)

53-68 |

Risk of Nitrate Residues in Food Products and Drinking Water

Hossein Yousefi, Bahareh Karimi Douna (Author)

69-79 |

Plastic and its Side Effects on Humans – A Review Article

Aswathi Govind, Nishitha K (Author)

81-85 |

An Overview of the Application of Nanoscience in Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Salman Sheikhi, Negar Asghari Hosori, Saeed Yari (Author)

87-91 |

The Role of Cobalt Exposure in the Incidence of Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Protocol

Aram Halimi, Mobina Karimiyan, Tina Khavari, Fatemeh Azizi, Fatameh Asadipour, Yaser Soleimani, Alireza Mosavi Jarrahi (Author)

139-145 |

The Study of Exposure to Isophorone and the Risk of Getting Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Protocol

Tina Khavari, Fatemeh Azizi, Fatameh Asadipour, Mojtaba Azari, Mohammad Reza Taherian, Mobina Karimiyan, Yaser Soleimani, Aram Halimi, Alireza Mosavi Jarrahi (Author)

161-165 |