Research Articles/ Original Work

Cervical Cancer Prevention on Instagram: Content and Social Interaction Analysis of Brazilian Accounts

Marcelo Picinin Bernuci, Elen P Vicente, Ana Beatriz L Almeida, Patricia Ayumi N Yamada, Tiago FR Lucena, Iara C Almeida, Tania MG Silva (Author)

13-19 |

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis:

Mechanism of Action p53

Ghorbat Saleh Ali (Author)

63-68 |

Prostate Cancer: Germline Mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2

Pankaja Umarane, Shridhar C Ghagane, Rajendra Nerli (Author)

69-73 |

Epigenetics and Cancer: A Comprehensive Review

Ayush Pathak, Sarthak Tomar, Sujata Pathak (Author)

75-89 |

Commentaries/ letter to editor

Gold Mines: Towards Cancer Rescue

Beesetti Swarna Latha (Author)

105-107 |