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The Asian Pacific Journal of Environment and Cancer (APJEC) is an open access electronic journal, publishing papers of Occupational and environmental cancers, air pollution, environmental and occupational carcinogens, prevention, and control of carcinogenic agents, exposure management of carcinogens, etc. The journal was launched in 2018 as the official publication of the Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention.  

latest articles

The Study of Exposure to Occupational Carcinogens in Iran: A Scoping Review

Karimiyan M., Mohagheghi M., A., Fallahi M., Saghi M., H., Feizabadi M., Halimi A., Khavari T., Azizi F., Asadipour F., Hasanzadeh M., Mosavi Jarrahi A.

Prostate Cancer Incidence and Mortality Linked to Metalworking Fluid Exposure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Moradpour Z., Barik A., Jorjani G., Taherian M., R., Tousizadeh S., Halimi A., Soleimani Y., Karimian M., Khavari T., Azizi Kalankari F., Asadipour F., Azari M., Yousefzadeh Shakouri N., Karamian S., Bahari N., Mosavi Jarrahi A.

Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndromes

Ghasemi Darestani N., Ghasemi Darestani R., Hshemi S., Rahimi Z., Janghorbanian Poodeh R.

Molecular and Potential Biomarkers in Diagnosis of Cervical Carcinoma: A Review

Likhitha K., Kumar K.V Bindhu D., Charani M., Priya N., Gowthami Y.

Environmental Determinants of Oral Cancer Development: An Overview

Maddahi M., Ghanbarikondori P., Amiri F., Abdi N., Jahromi A., M., Sadeghi Pour N., Allahyartorkaman M., Moazzam F.

Radon Exposure and Risk of Leukemia: A Protocol of Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Soleimani Y., Daraei M., Sadeghi P., Hajizadehanari N., Darvishinia A., Yasini R., Sabeti S., Nazari A., mosavi Jarrahi A.

Chlorothalonil Exposure and Risk of Cancer : A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Protocol

Soleimani Y., Shahsavari M., J., Sadeghi H., Aryanejad A., Qashami Z., Khazali A., Daraei M., Noori N., Mosavi Jarrahi A.

Wood Dust and Risk of Leukemia: A Protocol of Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Soleimani Y., Daraei M., Sadeghi P., Khazali A., Rostami H., Mahmoudi S., Mosavi Jarrahi A.

The Role of Chloroform Exposure and Risk of Leukemia: A Protocol of Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Soleimani Y., Sadeghi P., Daraei M., Rostami H., Mahmoudi S., Khazali A., Mosavi Jarrahi A.

Evaluation of Exposure to Noise and Vibration and Its Effect on Work-related Fatigue

Rahimimoghadam S., Javan S., Yari S., Kheyrkhah A., Nourmohamadi M.

The Study of Exposure to Isophorone and the Risk of Getting Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Protocol

Khavari T., Azizi F., Asadipour F., Azari M., Taherian M., R., Karimiyan M., Soleimani Y., Halimi A., Mosavi Jarrahi A.

Unveiling Cancer Burden: An Epidemiological Study in a Tertiary Cancer Center, Thailand

Vichapat V., Hinon A., Boonaob J., Ukritanon P., Meeniran B., Pansaksiri S.

The Role of Cobalt Exposure in the Incidence of Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Protocol

Halimi A., Karimiyan M., Khavari T., Azizi F., Asadipour F., Soleimani Y., Mosavi Jarrahi A.

Evaluation of the Relation between Noise and Vibration Exposure with Job Burnout in City Bus Drivers

Rahimimoghadam S., Javan S., Nourmohammadi M., Bayat S., Harati Z., Yari S., Kheyrkhah A.

Removal of PFAS by Biological Methods

Karimi Douna B., Yousefi H.

Surgical Treatment of Congenital Bronchiectasis in Childhood

Sultanov K.,.X. Aliyev M.M. Aytmuratov I.R.

The Association between PM2.5 Exposure and Hippocampal Volume: A Systematic Review

Lukito E., Tandarto K., Stella M., Ivan I., Sudharta H., Golahi G., Sutanto K., Turana Y., Santi B., Budiman Y., Simargi Y.

Epidemiological and Geographical Profile of Gall Bladder Cancer Patients from a Hospital-based Registry of Northern Gangetic Plains

Singh S., Bhatnagar S., Lohia N., Subramananiam A., Raman D., Murthy H., Prashar M., Viswanath S., Trivedi G.

Sociodemographic and Clinicopathological Features of Lymphoma Patients in Indonesia: A report from Special Region of Yogyakarta Province

Anggorowati N., , I., Dhyanti A., Arkananda H., Rizki S., H., Setiawan S., A., Bagaskoro M., R., Hardianti M. S.

Supportive Intervention Challenges for Patients with Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review

Zaker M., R., Safaripour A., Rahdaneh Zade Sabegh S., Barjasteh S.

Clinical and Laboratory Features of Covid-19 in Population of the Aral Sea Region

Seiytnazarova A. Kunnazarova Z. Karimova G. Abdirashitova G. Jaybergenova J.

Forecasting the Incidence of Breast, Colorectal and Bladder Cancers in North of Iran Using Time Series Models; Comparing Bayesian, ARIMA and Bootstrap Approaches

Janbabaee G., Nadi-Ghara A., Afshari M., Rahimi Moghadam S., Ashrafi M., Y., Aarabi M., Hedayatizadeh-Omran A., Alizadeh-Navaei R., Eslami Jouybari M., Moosazadeh M.

The COVID-19 Pandemic in Chiba Prefecture, Japan and Viet Nam: A Lesson-learned in COVID-19 Pandemic Control in These Two Populations

KANA F., Ono Y., CHHEANG L., YUMA O., YOUSUKE N., TAKEUCHI M., HIROTOSHI K., Duyen L., Hlaing T., Ngoan L. T.

Timeline of COVID-19 in Tokyo and New Zealand: What will be Important and Can be Applied to Tokyo

Lkhagvasuren D., Haruki I., Eito I., Shoki I., Marina U., Kazuya I., Kohei I., Duyen L., Hlaing T., Ngoan L. T.

COVID-19 in Cancer Patients: A Case Study in Viet Nam

Vo T., Huynh N., Nguyen D., Ta N., Nguyen M., Nguyen T., Dang H., Le N.

Coronavirus Infection in Children

Leonidovna B., Gennadievich P.

COVID-19 – sharing experiences of Medical Universities

Ataniyazova O., Moshammer H., Yari S., Ivanov D., Jarrahi A.

Covid-19: Effect on Hemostasis

Dmitrii V Z., Viktor A K., Viktor.G P.

Side Effects of Using Disinfectants to Fight COVID-19

Yari S., Moshammer H., Fallah Asadi A., Mosavi jarrahi A.

Presenting approaches to stress management in the elderly in Qazvin

Saeidabadi H., Yari S., Jaddi Madarsara T., Ahmadian Kudakan N.

Assessing respiratory exposure to harmful evaporations in a manufacturing company

Jaddi Madarsara T., Ahmadian Kudakan N., Yari S., Saeidabadi H.

Evaluation of Toluene Vapors on the Hearing System of a Production Company Employee: A carcinogenic agent

Nikpay A., Moradi R., Sheikhi S., Mousavi Jarrahi S., Z., Jaddi Madarsara T., Saeidabadi h.

Procalcitonin Testingreduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Use in Bacterial Infection

Toofani Milani A., Mohammadian M., Rostaminasab S., Paribananaem R., Ahmadi Z., Akbarzadeh Khiyavi A.

Cancers Attributable to Infectious Agents: an Ecological Study in Asia

Khazaei Z., Moradi Y., Adineh H., A., Rezaei F Sohrabivafa M., Darvishi I., Dehghani S., L., goodarzi E.

Job Stress and Safety Climate in Cancer Treatment Centers: Upgraded Model for Dimensions

yari s., shahsavari s., Nourmohammadi M., khosravizadeh o., Fallah Asadi A.

Occupational and Environmental Cancer

Yari S., Fallah Asadi A., Nourmohammadi M.

CARcinogen EXposure: CAREX

Yari S., Fallah Asadi A., Mosavi Jarrahi A., Nourmohammadi M.